If we talk about sustainability and energy transition it is always about  numbers and percentages % CO2, ... cm sea level, ect.

But these numbers don't touch us, they don't move us……..

The inspiration does.

Sunny Stalk


Material :         



28 cm  x  11 cm x 11 cm

Inch x 4,72 Inch 

3D print, wooden base, solar panels

on the bottom and delivered with certificate

The sculpture is equipped with a NFC-chip. The authenticity of it is guaranteed by the AUTRAQ-blockchain! So if you hold your phone nearby a webpage pops up with additional information.

Copyright © Bert Schoeren  2019, all rights reserved.

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The Dancing Sunny Stalk is a kinetic solar sculpture that moves on solar energy and that wakes up in the morning. It slowly comes to life. During the day it is happy to dance and enjoys the sunlight and in the evening it goes to sleep again. Always keeping the ballance.


It is an instrument that is played by the sun. When it moves, it is a kind of organism that makes you feel the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of the day and the rhythm of the seasons.


Swirling leaves is a kinetic sculpture.

Powered by the sun the ‘leaves’ start to swirl gently. During the day the relaxing movements can be enjoyed. Due to his slow relaxing movement the swirling leaves are the perfect addition to a living room, office or hall. 

It is not heavy and should be hung from the ceiling with the solar panel facing the window. The more light, the more lively the sculpture is.

_Limited Sculptures_

Mini- Windturbine            

LED light illuminates at night

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Copyright © Bert Schoeren  2019, all rights reserved.

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